I’m Waving with Exhaustion

One week into getting the new studio ready, and I’m contemplating waving a white flag. Is is because painting and refurbishing tires me out? That would be a resounding NO. While it’s certainly tiring, there’s a crazy excitement that goes along with it. I mean, really. How much more fulfilling can it be, than to set up a new space, exactly the way you’d like?

No, the reason for exhaustion is ten pounds of terror, our sweet Tess. Tess has always been both fierce and friendly. A devoted little pooch. She’s 10-1/2 years old now, and somehow during the last 6 months she’s become less fierce and more anxious…especially around loud noises.

Last night some crazy thunderstorms rolled through, and my evening of sound sleep was disrupted by sweet Tess shaking, and doing her best to crawl inside my skin. She was groomed yesterday, so had sharp little nails, and of course kept trying to sit on my head. Our wake-up call was followed by a trip outside in the pouring rain. I’m sure I made quite the picture in my raincoat, cow pjs, and boots with chickens. Hey! I DO live in the country. Needless to say, today has been one full of sleep deprivation. I’ve got a thundershirt on order for our girl, and I’m happy to take any suggestions from other pet owners, who have dealt with dogs who have developed anxiety from loud noises.

Carry on…I’ve got quilting (or maybe painting) to do.