I’ve Got Chills, They’re Multiplyin’

For the past couple of years, I’ve been dreaming about some expanded frontiers I’d like my business to explore. About a year ago, those hazy shapes started to come into focus a little bit more, and then, a few weeks ago, their outlines sharpened dramatically. It’s been kind of like when you go to the eye doctor for the first time, and he or she puts lenses in front of your eyes. You get chills seeing things you’ve never noticed before. Trees actually have individual leaves!!! THAT, my friends, is what I was experiencing…that is until I came home from an incredible quilting retreat with friends, and within two days was fighting a 102 degree fever. Those were some chills! Now however, the fever is gone, so it’s back to the other kind of chills.

So what’s giving me chills you ask? This morning, I signed a lease on a space so that Frolicking Threads can have a new place of residence, outside of my home!!!! I know my excitement is palpable, but to be honest, this step is a big one, so I’m shaking in my boots as well.

Everything fell into place so seamlessly, and quickly, that our entire decision just had a feeling of “rightness” to it. Mr. Frolicking Threads and I have some prep work to complete, then my beloved Innova, “Gertie” will be moving to the new space, and in the next few weeks a companion will move in with her.

I’ll continue to longarm for my customers, who are, quite frankly, the best support team EVER, but moving will have some added benefits. We plan to be a gathering place for sewing, lessons, and rentals. Yes, YOU can learn how to longarm your own quilt! How cool is that?!!! (If you love it so much, I’ll be delighted to sell you a machine, too.)

Like any awards show, I’ve got to say some thank-yous. First, to Judy and Rob Engime at Olde City Quilts, for first presenting the rental and sales rep ideas to me last year, to Mandy Leins, who ALWAYS believes in me, and to Teri Lucas, for sitting with me at that quilt show, and forcing me to believe in myself.

Now…it’s time to get to work! See you soon.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Got Chills, They’re Multiplyin’

  1. Best Wishes, Lizzie!! Your new space will be wonderful because you will bring all your warmth and energy and make it happen … 🙂 Pat


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