CAN you teach an old dog new tricks?

That’s been the question of the moment…over and over…this past week. Gertie and I have been getting to know each other. We’ve generally had a very good relationship, with the exception of the day she crashed because she needed an update. Let me just take a moment to shout out to the tech guys at Innova. They are AMAZING!  Anyway, Gertie runs smoothly, and her tension? Oh my gosh, it has been so easy to find and keep a beautiful stitch.

Software, though, has been a different story. It’s actually kind of amusing to me. There was a time, oh so many years ago, when I worked in the Computer Services department at Kalamazoo College in Michigan. The world wide web was just getting started, and I was writing information sheets, and giving seminars, on how to use this amazing new technology. So what happened? I knew the software of my old machine quite well, but Gertie’s software is beastly! In a good way, mind you, but it’s a lot different the software I was using. Gertie is more powerful, and while her software is more elegant, it’s different than what I’m used to. There has been A LOT for me to learn. Still, the process is exciting, and it makes me feel good to conquer new skills.

So I guess the answer is “yes”. You can teach this old dog new tricks. No, I probably don’t master things as fast as I did when I was twenty, but so what? The important part is the desire to learn something new, and see where your knowledge takes you. What new tricks do YOU want to learn? I challenge you to take a step, maybe out of your comfort zone, and try. Let me know what happens.

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